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What Motivates You?

"What motivates you?" This is usually an open-ended question that is used to better understand you personality, work ethic and qualification to achieve your goals. By identifying and expanding on your motivations you will be left with a clear expectation of what you have to offer and what your interests and passions are when it comes to your goals. Things like incentives, achievements, and affiliation motivation are a few common examples (but there are many more) of what helps motivate individuals:  


  • Rewarding yourself for reaching certain milestones would be incentive-based motivation. For example, if you get the highest sales rate for the month, you decide to treat yourself to that pair of shoes you have been eyeing for weeks.  


  • Achievement-based motivation is the idea of obtaining credit, recognition of different forms, promotions, or rewards from your work.  

Affiliation motivation:

  • This motivation is also known as “social motivation” and stems from the sense of belonging and contributing to the common good. This will drive you to be a better person and lead to more fulfillment.  

Check out this quiz that will break down your self motivation and put you on the right track towards your goals.

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