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Fractional Executive Services










Founders and CEOs often utilize us when they have a vision for where to take their company but are frustrated with the rate of progress towards their vision. We work as an addition to the organization’s state and stakeholders, focusing on developing the CEO’s or Director’s vision into a financially sound, market-based, growth strategy and then overseeing the implementation. Often the internal management team is completely focused on managing the business this week, month and quarter, and there is no one to drive the implementation today that is needed to deliver on the vision for tomorrow. Estacar can fill a gap between the type of strategic leadership growth that focused organizations need and the resources they can afford.

             DO YOU KNOW
             WHERE YOU ARE
             MAKING MONEY?

We are not a CPA firm and we are not a bookkeeping firm, but our CPAs and accountants work within your organization helping grow you from within and creating more sustainable and effective support for your business. As a fractional Controller or CFO, we utilize our expertise and back-office systems to achieve maximum profitability and the most personalized services available. Our goal is for our clients to do what they do best: run their business, and for us to do what we do best- grow your foundation and lead your accounting department. 


Our advisory team offers objectivity and efficiency to grow your business. Hiring a Fractional Financial Executive can immediately improve the profitability and efficiency of your company. Every day, companies operating without the guidance of an experienced CFO lose the opportunity to maximize their profit and potential. We believe that true business acceleration starts with a good foundation, solid financial systems and strategy. We utilize a three-tier approach to growth supporting our clients with fractional CFO, Controller and Transactional Accounting Services. Determine when you need us, the Estacar model is built on flexibility offering monthly, weekly, and even daily services.

CFO (salary $225K+)                                Controller (salary $120K+)                     Transactional Accounting  (salary $65K+)

-Directs tax strategies and provides      -Accounting Function                               -Accounts Payable/Receivable

insight for maximizing profitability.        -GAAP Reporting                                      -Invoicing

-Risk Assessment                                     -Financial Reporting                                  -Payroll

-Internal Controls                                     -Cost Accounting                                      -Inventory Support

-Asset Management

-Expansion Strategies

-Pricing & Positioning Strategies

-M&A or Exit Strategies


              WHAT'S YOUR GROWTH
              STRATEGY AND CAN YOU
              MEASURE IT?

Sound growth and communication strategies, that return your investment, have to be driven by clearly defined goals and target customers. Estacar  provides an external, market-focused perspective along with the skills and experience to discuss and discern the business and financial implications of communication and growth strategies. As the CEO, you are the visionary for the company. Our job, as your communications right hand, is to help articulate and implement your vision. The CCO’s job is to translate your growth vision and value proposition into an insightful, strategic growth plan that delivers results that you can measure. Estacar growth and communication services marries sales strategy, systems, and promotional strategies to provide a complete and holistic approach to growing your company.

CCO (salary $150K+)                                Sales Management (salary $95K+)        Communications Coordinator (salary $65K)

-Directs growth and communication       -Market & Customer Segmentation               -Media Coordination

strategies and provides insight for             -Sales Reporting/Analysis                                  -Social Media Management

maximizing profitability within the             -Distribution Logistics                                        -Graphic Design/Content Creation

industry and business model.                      -Projections/Budget                                           -Public Relations

-Strategic Planning

-ROI Analysis & Budget

-Market Analysis

-Communications Planning

-Digital Strategies

-M&A or Exit Strategies


               HOW DO YOU FIND,
               RETAIN AND DEVELOP
               THE RIGHT TALENT?

We believe there is nothing more important than finding the right talent to build your company. At Estacar, we take direct responsibility for leading first-rate sourcing solutions that fuel the talent pipeline for our clients in need. We invest time in research while we uncover your needs and then deliver the right talent to fill that gap. We even go a step further in developing systems and strategies for retaining the right people for those roles. We invest in human capital data, for your business’ accelerated growth.

Employee Turnover Costs: Lowered Productivity | Lost Knowledge | Training Costs | Interviewing Costs | Lost Credibility

What do all these costs add up to? Estimates run as high as 150% of annual salary, which makes sourcing for the right person a high priority for your business. Sourcing is a solution based approach that combines strategy with professional
right hire and always a long term goal for all our clients. We build great companies from within.

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