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Separate Stress from Reality...

For many it's hard to resist the truth "we do not always have control over the many things that happen in our lives". Whether you are overwhelmed because you are trying to over control or are an over worrier, stop spending time and energy and stressing over the things you cannot control!

Start by identifying what your fears are. Acknowledging that you can handle the worst-case scenario can help you put your energy into more productive places.

Next, determine what you CAN control. You cannot control the weather, you cannot force a friend to change, you cannot control an illness, you can’t control how other people feel, etc. However, often a little self-reflection is needed. Sometimes, all you can control is your own effort and your own intention. When you put all your energy into things you can control, you'll be much more effective in your career and everyday life!

Finally, understand your influence and problem solving. You can never force things to go your way – that never works out well. However, you can have an influence! In order to have a strong influence, you need to be in control of your behavior. Maintaining a good attitude is paramount, even if you are having an off day. Are you in your head dwelling on something in the past? Get out of that habit, because ruminating is different than problem solving. Try to be more intentional about reflection, but in an effort determine whether you are ruminating or problem solving – it's easy confuse the two. If you are ruminating, time to redirect your brain. Recognize that ruminating thoughts are not helpful. Move on to a different activity to get yourself focused on something more productive. If you are seeking solutions – excellent! Keep thinking about ways to prevent problems and increase your chances of success! Options = opportunity.

Next Up: Meditation as a tool

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