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HR Tip: Create a Culture of Accountability

HR Executive, Christine Prichard, has an HR Tip to help you create a culture of Accountability in the workplace.

Have an employee who seems to make the same processing errors over and over?

  1. Try retraining them using a different process or person than the first go round.

  2. Use a document or audit process to stress the importance of the retraining but acknowledge that your prior training may not have been comprehensive enough.

  3. Show them that growth and improvement is for everyone.

  4. Share responsibility for their failure as much or more than you take credit for their success.

This is how you begin to create a culture of accountability! Feeling like you may need more guidance? We're here to help! Executive Coaching may be the right path for you. Give us a call at 806.412.2381 or send us an email at for more information.

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