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Estacar welcomes Miles Forrester, BBA, CPA to our Executive Team!

Miles is a native of Amarillo who graduated from Amarillo Hight School and received a BBA degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Licensed as both a Certified Public Accountant and a Real Estate Broker by the state of Texas

Miles professional experience has included:

  • public accounting

  • commercial real estate management, accounting and leasing

  • residential real estate brokerage and leasing

  • banking

  • hotel industry accounting and financial management

  • accounting and financial management of entities with multiple components

Past Board of Directors member of both Center City of Amarillo and Another Chance House. Miles enjoys running, following college football and, along with his two older brothers, operation and management of their farm and ranch property in Oldham County, TX. While a student at Texas A&M was in the Corps of Cadets and a member of the Ross Volunteer Company and still actively support both organizations. Miles is involved in Twelve Step recovery programs and passionate about assisting those who deal with addictions that have negative consequences in their lives to overcome them.

Miles is the father of a son, Curt, and two daughters, Blaire and Currie

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