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Follow These 5 Instagram Accounts to Keep Your Mental Health in Check

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

A handful of studies have shown a negative correlation between social media use and conditions like anxiety and depression, in particular when it comes to young adults and teenagers. These studies are still in the nascent stages, meaning we don’t fully understand the impact social media has on our mental health quite yet. Despite the imminent warnings, most people still have active social media accounts. If you’re still on social media, you might as well get an emotional boost from the content you follow. These five accounts can all provide a healthy perspective when it comes to mental health:

As its name implies, this account is all about the importance of prioritizing self-care, especially for those who struggle with anxiety and depression. They also sell super-cute tees and hoodies with some of their graphics printed on them.

If you need a boost of positivity each day, Sunny Bloom Inspiration is for you. This Instagram account aggregates the best of the best when it comes to inspirational, motivational content on the ’gram.

Therapist and author Lisa Olivera shares insightful quotes related to therapy and mental health on calm, pastel-colored backgrounds. Some are short and sweet, like “let the small things count,” while others are more in-depth.

Catering specifically to those with anxiety, DLC Anxiety Support offers tangible tips for going through life as an anxious person. From how to survive a panic attack to stopping overthinking in its tracks, this page is ideal for those who need actionable advice.

With calming blue backgrounds in nearly every image, these funny and insightful comics will make you feel more at ease about any situation you’re facing, whether it’s catastrophizing your thoughts or speaking up at work. You’re guaranteed to smile and think, I’ve been there, every time a Liz and Mollie drawing pop up on your feed.

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