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How To Make Your Work Space Enjoyable

Updated: Apr 17, 2020


Whether you commute to a corporate office or you work from home, it’s always fun to decorate your workspace and make it your own. If you work full time, you’re more than likely surrounded by walls or office space for 40 hours or more a week, so it’s normal that it can start to feel uninspiring and boring if you don’t dress it up. Your workspace is almost like a second home since you spend a majority of your time there so why not spruce it up and turn it into a cozy place you’ll enjoy being in!

Here are awesome work office decorating ideas to help you inject some personality and color into your workspace to inspire creativity, productivity, and positivity in your workday.

ADD A SMALL PLANT OR FLOWERS. One way to bring a smile can be with a succulent, fresh flowers, a fake plant, or anything along those lines -all are options to help liven things up. Keep in mind if your office doesn’t get a lot of sun, you’ll want to get a plant that doesn’t require much natural sunlight to survive.

ADD WALL ART. There are so many ways to add some art to decorate the walls of your office, having photos of your loved ones, friends, or pets is always a great way to remind yourself of life outside of work. Pick some of your most favorite memories you had with them and show them off on your walls.

INSPIRING QUOTES. You can beautiful and inspiring quotes that you can add to picture frames or hang from your wall, it will help motivate you and keep you going when you feel like you want to give up or you’re having a bad day.

USE A CUTE CUP. If you enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage throughout the day, cups can not only keep you hydrated but can also bring positive vibes or help brighten the mood. Whether it’s a refreshing iced coffee or tea for a hot summer day or a warm cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee for those cold winter mornings. 

ORGANIZE YOUR DESK. If you want to be as productive as possible at work, it’s important to be as organized as you can. You’re not going to want to work is your whole desk is a mess with papers and knick-knacks all over the place. Clutter can make you feel more anxious, lower your productivity level, and can even stop you from getting your work done. Ways come be a paper filer, paper clip holder, pen holder, letter tray, and much more!

USE A PLANNER. You’re able to view your schedule for the week or month and write all of your tasks on your to-do list. A combination of both style and functionality allows you to carry around the office or if you need to bring it home. Most planners include goal setting worksheets and daily inspirational quotes to help you stay motivated. 

ADD A FUN CALENDAR. You can always ditch the boring-looking work calendar and bring your own to hang on your wall and never forget about which day it is again. 

ADD COLORFUL ACCESSORIES & SUPPLIES. Last but not least, don’t forget to bring some cute but functional accessories and supplies to brighten up your workspace. Things like a stapler, post-it notes, paper clips, tape dispenser, and many more!

I hope you like these ideas for decorating your office workspace at work or from home! How do you like to decorate your workspace to inspire creativity and productivity? Let us know in the comments below!

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