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How to be More Productive in a Coworking Space

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Coworking is much more than an office or workplace definition’s physical layout. While traditional office spaces make it hard for you to get out of stuff like office maintenance and huge costs, your laptop would be the most you’d need in a coworking space, allowing you the time and space to be more efficient and productive. You can leverage the coworking ecosystem in many ways to be the most productive in your office.

Invest in Good Pair of Headphones:

A lot of noise comes with open work areas. Keyboard strokes, coffee sips, small talk, conference calls and more can easily become a nuisance even with the best efforts to keep quiet.

The answer?


Using a custom music playlist or listening to your favorite podcast is proven to improve your concentration. Make sure to take care of your job, though. Music is usually a better option than a podcast when you’re reading, as it offers too much word feedback. But if you are into coding stuff like modeling websites, a podcast that you love will keep your brain occupied while you complete tedious tasks.

If music is not your jam (pun intended), seek complete silence with a high-quality pair of headphones that cancel noise. Covering your ears with a pair of these will block the chitter-chatter and clickety clicks, allowing you to concentrate on your workload in peace and quiet.

Know your Coworking Space:

Because of their size, coworking spaces give their participants access to many amenities they would not otherwise have–such as a kitchen area, meeting rooms and video conferencing. Such things go a long way towards saving you, and most importantly, your money, thus minimizing the trouble of spending countless assets. You can take advantage of these amenities at any time at coworking.

Know Your Coworking Space Community:

This can not be overly emphasized. Coworking spaces spend a lot of time and resources in planning high-value community events and allowing their members to flourish in a culture.

Participating in these activities is a good way to gain better access to your Coworking Space family. Networking is the key. You might find the right partner for your next venture or a good client in the process. Who knows!

Be Mobile: It helps

The beauty of offices with lounges and other open spaces is that moving around is easy. If you are working on a computer, your position can be picked based on the type of work you are doing. 

Need to focus and buckle down? Choose a quiet corner, and perhaps wear headphones to prove you’re not up for conversation. Are there any phone calls coming up? Try to move your station next to a phone booth or an open area to go back and forth instead of running from your desk whenever the phone rings.

If you’re at a stationary desk, of course, this trick wouldn’t work as well, but you always have the option to make calls in different rooms (or even outside). The change of scenery is not only good for your health, but it can also help you avoid distractions when you are concentrating, without having to isolate yourself for the whole day.

Personalize your workspace:

Many people regard coworking as an interim solution to their office needs, even though this perception is slowly losing their credence. It should certainly not keep you from customizing your room, interim or not. Being in an extremely social world, disconnecting from and reflecting on what surrounds you is sometimes very important. 

Whether it’s a desk plant, a book or some art, little things that help you make your office space certainly belong to your desk. There is always sufficient room for personalization, from changing the configuration to changing colors around you! You should definitely give it a personal touch if your space allows these adjustments.


Finding the right balance between being interactive and personal is the best experience in a coworking space. While the above tips would definitely prove to be useful hacks to boost your office productivity, they would also make you look at your office more than just a desk.


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