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Creating Intention in the Chaos

A component of coaching is combining the elements of visual, emotional, memorable, scents, and feelings. We have a client who gets a floral arrangement delivered to her home weekly. She walks into her home, her dog has made a mess, the corner of her rug is chewed up, but when she see that floral arrangement sitting on her table she thinks, "I can do this."

We are creating intention in the chaos, someone thinking of and caring for you. Creating beauty and intention in our clients’ lives is what we do.

Just look at the beautiful floral arrangements the Life Services team put together for a special wedding last weekend.

What you can’t see, or smell, from these photos is all the intentional placement of various flowers to create a scent that is unforgettable. The men’s boutonnieres were made with lavender. We know anyone can create boutonnieres, but thinking about every single detail, down to the scent you will remember from the dance with your dad, is unique to us. We followed the bride’s floral inspiration for her wedding, but included special details to make it uniquely hers and unlike any other. The bride’s bouquet was made with mint, rosemary, and lavender at the top so it would have a wonderful aroma throughout the night, just as a special treat just for her.

If you would like to learn more about our Life Services, call us at 806-412-2381 or email us at

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