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7 Signs You're A Visual Thinker

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Do you know your learning style? In elementary school, most of us were taught to remember things via memorization and repetition.

As adults, many of us find ourselves in careers that make us feel like we aren’t being fully utilized.

What many don’t realize is that about 65 percent of the population learn visually.

Knowing if you’re a visual thinker can help you excel in every area and find more fulfilling life experiences.

Check out these signs to help you determine if you think visually.

1. You Have A Photographic Memory

Do you tend to remember things in pictures? If you can easily close your eyes and remember what your study guide looked like, recall what someone was wearing the last time you saw them, or envision how a favorite image looks, then you probably have a photographic memory.

This type of recollection means that you often remember small details that others overlook.

2. You Daydream More Often Than Other People

Visual thinkers tend to daydream more often than other people, and when they do so, it’s much more vivid. Your mind often goes into “overdrive,” creating intricate adventures that may or may not happen.

Maybe you and your best friend are imagining your perfect vacations. Perhaps your best friend says he or she is sitting on the beach with a drink. That might be as far as the daydream goes. For you, it will go much further. You’ll be able to imagine the color of the sand, what the waves look like as they lap against the shore, the type of drink you have, or even what your bathing suit looks and feels like.

Much like you remember more details than other people, you imagine more than they do as well.

3. You Plan Projects Differently

Some people look at Excel spreadsheets and feel at home; others simply see a mess of information.

If you tend to prefer large and colorful flow charts to lots of words and numbers, you probably think visually. Trying to cram yourself into the box of words or numbers-based project management tools may even stifle you and make you feel less productive, whereas using flow charts or other visual-based management and planning tools will provide you with a sense of motivation and help you to complete tasks more quickly.

4. You Are Easily Distracted

Sometimes, taking in a lot more detail than other people is an excellent trait; other times, it may leave you feeling distracted from the task at hand.

If you are someone who is easily pulled from one task to another, or who quickly looks up to take in a new sound or something you caught in your peripheral vision, visual thinking is likely your go-to.

Chances are you’ve had to train your brain to either ignore those things that catch your attention or to give them only a moment of your time so that you can get back to your task.

5. Your Digital Information Is Highly Organized

People who think visually tend to have “prettier” computer setups, digital media setups, and social media accounts. Your music files are probably organized alphabetically and without any special characters that look out of place. You probably use well-organized Facebook photo albums with attractive main images. If you have a Pinterest account, you put more thought into your board setup. Chances are you’ve put plenty of time into organizing them and creating attractive, eye-catching images for your main board.

6. You Doodle Often

Were you the one who always passed notes with plenty of little doodles in high school? Perhaps your college study notes include drawings, charts, and other imagines in addition to the written information.

Maybe you can’t easily provide oral directions to someone, but you can draw a map or show someone who to perform a task. You may even be able to create streamlined grocery lists based on your memory of the store’s layout.

These are all signs of visual thinking.

7. You Are Interested In Visually Interesting Careers

If the idea of sitting behind a desk and punching numbers into a computer all day sounds absolutely dreadful, you’re probably a visual thinker.

People who think visually often enter careers that involve the arts, design, construction, or other hands-on jobs.

Visual thinkers make excellent photographers, interior designers, graphic designers, and architects.

So, what did you learn? Chances are you’ve realized that you’re one of the millions of people who think visually. Now that you have a better understanding of how your brain works, you can use the knowledge to create more fulfilling and interesting experiences for yourself. How you use this information is entirely up to you!

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