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Coaching can help fill in the gaps in our master plans and clarify the path from where we are to where we want to be. It is a partnership between the coach and the client designed to help the client explore their options, focus on their goals, and create a personalized action plan. 

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With more than 85 years of combined experience in organization growth and management, Estacar provides strategy experience and analytical expertise combined to enable decision making and create value.  Practice Areas include:  R&D. Agile. Change Management. Corporate Finance. Customer Strategy. Digital. Information Technology. New Venture and Exit Strategies. Management and Sourcing.

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We provide a unique and multi-faceted approach to accelerating business growth, by combining both objectivity and service implementation with talent sourcing for growth-oriented businesses. Founders and CEOs often utilize us when they have a vision for where to take their company but are frustrated with the rate of progress towards their vision. We work as an addition to the organization staff and stakeholders, focusing on developing the CEO’s or Director’s vision into a financially sound, market-based, growth strategy and then overseeing the implementation. 

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ESTACAR|(spanish) n.
1. To place a stake. To place a marker. A tool for leverage.
2. Used for direction and support in identification of where you've been.
3. A tool for leveraging momentum.  
Estacar grows leaders, leverages producers and inspires growth. Whether in your personal or professional life, Estacar combines our experience, our insight, our values, our personalities and our resources as a force for YOUR vision.  Individuals and business executives often utilize Estacar when they have a vision for where they want to their organization or life to go but are frustrated with the rate of progress toward that vision. We are able to coordinate, train, and manage a team that delivers an incredibly high level of service at scale, based on our core values which have been well-documented and operationalized over the last 8 years. 
INVESTMENT | Above all else, we invest in PEOPLE.
EXCELLENCE | We deliver excellence and partner with those that want to do the same.
CONNECTORS | We are connectors of people that stimulate growth in our community and in business.
TEAM | We support success through Fun, Respect, Honesty, Valuing Opinions, Creativity, Passion for our Clients, Adventurous Spirits, Open-Mindedness and Family. 
DEEP TECHNOLOGICAL KNOW-HOW | Our resource team has experience and a deep network made up of experienced executives, professionals, accountants, and creative professionals with the ability to identify new ways to integrate advanced technology with resident experiences - creating connection and efficiency.
STRONG COLLABORATION AND PARTNERSHIP | In a fragmented world, we can integrate with existing management systems, service providers, and staff to work hand in hand to increase your productivity, efficiency and ultimately, profitability and harmony in life and work.
GROWTH & NEW PARTNERSHIP | The arrival of 2023 brought growth in the way of new clients, expanded offices and renovations, new lines of business and bringing on new team members. We now employee more than 40 team members and increased sustainable annual revenue by more than 205% through multi-year contracts. 


Contrast Therapy is the perfect fusion of Infrared Sauna and Cold Plunge. It has gained immense popularity among high-achieving individuals, from elite athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs. Cold therapy has the power to revitalize and enhance well-being, ultimately leading to improved overall performance and a more fulfilling life. Fire & ice therapy sessions offer a transformative experience that could be the missing piece you've been searching for.

Located in the FBSW Tower in Amarillo, Texas  | Suite 607


Estacar Corporate Offices located at

Suite 1306

Call 806.412.4206 to Book!





"This is an unsolicited recommendation. I have worked with Cori, and watched her develop marketing plans, coach and mentor for several years. From a marketing prospective, she puts out beautiful work. She has an uncanny ability to blend work together which works out for branding perfectly. As a business coach, there is no shyness here. Cori is a leader with good ideas and not afraid to share them. As a leader/mentor she has unbelievable talents... she has been working behind the scenes with several companies to make them better. 

—  Mark Wingate, Chairman Maxivolt Corporation

“ESTACAR is hands down the best at what they do. They have been invaluable to my company. Not only with  Business Coaching capabilities, but also in  Business Marketing and Mangement knowledge. My goal is to have the opportunity/good fortune to have Cori as a friend, business coach and always as my "go to" person when it comes to our business growth needs. .”​

- Shane Blucher

Industries & Clients

Estacar Companies has worked within a number of industries and with executives and teams at all levels. While the following is not an exhaustive list, these are some of our current clients and clients we have worked within recent years. In addition to corporate clients, we have worked with many individuals that own businesses and/or seek to have more support in their personal lives.

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